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As for the West Coast Rap All-Stars

We're All in the Same Gang features a diverse lineup, Hi-lighted by NWA, Digital Undergound and Above the Law.

Dr Dre engineered this one, so its no suprise that the song is grittier and ages much much better than its predecessor.

But it is not without its flaws.

First, the fact that Body & Soul, MC Hammer, Def Jef and JJ Fad made the All-Star team shows just how thin the West Coast bench was back in 1990.

And much more importantly, the effort exposes some deeply mixed motives; to begin with, the song is stuffed full of gangsta tuff talk and shotguns blasting and all that hard hitting goodness.

But the insincerity peaks when Eazy E takes the mix and closes out the song with the lines:

You're dead now, not number one but a zero

Take notes from Eazy-E, the violent hero

Really it is the equivalent of saying.

"Please don't get involved with bad stuff or some real awesome, tough, rich and famous superman like me might kill you in some really cool way"

Even tho Eazy is with us no more, you can still Peace Out with this