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No sneakers, no jeans

Little known but very true fact about moistworks: I own Pal Joey golf clubs. I got em because they were very cheap and beacuse they had kangaroos on them. They are made in New Jersey. Ahhh, the diaspora.

Rocksteady, however, I find to be the greatest music in earth, if music is about smiling and shufflin. "Ba Ba Boom" feels very fifties to me. It makes me think of Happy Days and drive-ins but with chilled Jamaicans.

Potsie smoking chalice, Chachi chewing sugar cane.

The song is almost 50s: it was written for the second annual Jamaican Song Contest in 1963, and was the run-away winner. It was released in 1967, on an original rhythm played by Tommy McCook and the Supersonics, and produced by Duke Reid.

"At the time this one was a instant hit with the white youth in Southern England, the sound was arresting and electrifying, played under the right conditions it could hardly fail to make you dance. The rhythm has been much used since; one notable instance as "Treasure Dub" on the Joe Gibbs' African Dub Chapter 1 album."

Methinks Southern England in the 60s must have been dull as scones for white folk to find this song "electrifying".

Everything Joe Gibbs touches turns to gold. Football, Nascar, African Dub... his is a legacy of committment, faith and winning!

My google search informs me that the great Jackie Mittoo recut this song soon after, but I haven't heard it. And Burning Spear uses the riddim in the song "No More War"tho they definitely ruffed it up.

Hear a "No More War" sample here.

"Ba Ba Boom" is available on alot of compilations, but this 2CD set, The Treasure Isle Story, looks especially attractive.