Tuition Assistance & Scholarships

The Process

Students must have a completed and approved Student Application on file with all required documentation submitted before tuition assistance will be considered. Once the application is complete and approved, parents fill out a Request for Tuition Assistance. After filling out the request, parents must register with FACTS Tuition Management Service (FACTS), and apply through FACTS for an Aid Determination.

The FACTS application must be complete with all required documentation before a student can be considered for tuition assistance. You may access the website by clicking here. On the FACTS website, set up a user account. Once inside the new account, you will have a choice to “Set Up A Payment Plan” under “Payment Plan & Billing” on the left, or to “Start Application” under “FACTS Grant & Aid.” See the photo below.


Click on “Start Application” and complete the application process including submitting all required documents. PSA cannot determine eligibility for Tuition Assistance through Scholarships without this application being complete.


PSA’s scholarship fund is created through fundraising events throughout the year. The level of scholarship funds is completely dependent on the success of the fundraising events. After an application for Tuition Assistance is complete, PSA will review the award determination from FACTS. Tuition Assistance is limited to up to half of the tuition. If the student is eligible and scholarships are available, scholarships are awarded to match funds contributed by parents either directly or through fundraising on a first come first serve basis.

Parents may work with our staff to create a fundraising campaign, use a GoFund me campaign, or other source to help with the portion they are required to pay.