Younger here

Hello I am Zachary (he/him/his). I am 8 years old and do NOT  like being called Zach so if you ever meet me in person you will know this ahead of time.  Pride School is a good school because you can eat in class,no or little homework,and the teachers are nice. In fact I wrote a letter to President Obama and wait for it…  I GOT A RESPONSE!!!! I am so happy about that because the President,  A) has a crew that looks at the mail and decides to pass it on and B) only 10 in... well a lot is passed on to the President, meaning I won the lotto! (without the millions of cash.) I hope your kids enjoy Pride School! (if you sign your kid up of course.)  I study science the most and I edge in to history and other stuff too,and thank you for reading this.