Student Applications

Student Applications are being considered for Fall Term 2018, and Spring Term 2019. Our enrollment is for students ages 9-17 who have not completed high school. Students and parents must complete the application with required documentation including the $50 application fee for the application to be reviewed.

After the application is reviewed, and a student is invited to enroll, parents are required to pay a $500 deposit to hold the student's seat.

Students may be invited to attend the school for up to 3 days prior to enrollment to determine if the school is a good fit for them, and for staff and students to determine if the student is a good fit for the school. Tuition will be based on the first day of the student’s first visit if the student is enrolled. Students who do not enroll after the 3 day visit are not required to submit any tuition.

Because of the nature of the school, we accept applications on a rolling basis. To best serve each student, upon enrollment, their transcripts will be reviewed alongside current assessments to determine best placement within their chosen courses.

If you would like to submit an application to attend PSA, please contact us to request and application be sent to you.