Science  Dr. Katherine Benson. Middle and Upper Grades
Middle school 6th grade Earth Science; 8th grade Physical Science; High School Physics, Advanced  (AP-level) Physics, and Astronomy. Students can expect to cover the standards associated with these courses as listed at the Georgia Department of Education's website for Georgia Standards of Excellence.

Integrated Science Multi-Age Elementary/Middle/High School  Lisa Barber. 
Integrated science combines earth and biological sciences so that the learner can experience the connection to the disciplines simultaneously rather than separately. This course is also good for students who have missed parts of either and need the opportunity for a re-fresher. All age and grade levels will enjoy this class. Age/Grade appropriate standards are used to assess students against the Georgia Department of Education Standards of Excellence.

Science Christian J. Zsilavetz. Grades 3 to 5
Grade 3 Science: Rocks, Soils, and Fossils Under the Sun, Pollution and Conservation.
Grade 4 Science: Earth & Space, Physical Science, Life Science.
Grade 5 Science: Earth and Changes Over Time, Dynamics of Classification, Cells and Microorganisms, Energy Transfer through Electricity and Magnetism, Physical and Chemical Changes.