About Pride School Atlanta


Are you seeking a school community where you can be yourself personally, socially, and academically? Do you want to have the opportunity to develop your unique talents and gifts in a place that recognizes your individuality and amazing potential? Do larger schools feel like a place to get lost and not found? Pride School Atlanta may be the answer you have been looking for!

As a modified Democratic Free School, students participate in planning their curriculum, choosing their courses, and creating the “rules” for a safe, fun, peaceful learning environment. Students learn in multi-age groups where they are assessed based on mastery of core standards rather than seat time or completion of busy work. They learn and demonstrate mastery in multiple modalities across the curriculum.

Assessment is done by the instructors and staff using the Georgia Standards of Excellence for core classes. The assessment process can easily be transferred to a transcript for students either returning to public school or another private school, or planning for post-secondary education. The small group individualized instruction allows instructors to fill in the gaps in education a student may have. It also allows the students to pace themselves. They can go as fast or as slow as they need or want.

Pride School is a non-profit, tuition based private school. It operates as an independent modified Democratic school for students ages 9-18 who have not yet graduated from high school. Applications will be considered for students who will not turn 18 during the school year. Returning students will be readmitted through age 18, or until they graduate. We are in the process of rolling out graduation “requirements” for Pride School Atlanta, so stay tuned!