Are you tired of having to advocate for your kids, yourself, or your family just to have a full place at the table in an educational community?  Leverage our inclusive community of LGBTQQIAA-friendly and accepting mentors, business partners, educators and experts — they're just one click away!


Orion is a therapist that works with a ride range of struggles, but excels with those suffering with trauma, who live outside the box of gender and sexuality, and teens in general.

Jennifer is a licensed professional counselor and a former high school teacher. She has experience working with LGBT youth providing therapy related to sexual identity, and psychological struggles that teens experience. She also has experience working with transgender clients addressing various stages of transition.

Anna is a Gender and Relationship Counselor at Wellspring Counseling Center in Roswell, GA. Wellspring has six therapists, all competent and willing to work with LGBTQ community members.