Pride School Atlanta is a non-accredited, tuition-based home school and tutoring resource center. It is a non-profit organization with an established 501(c)3 for donation purposes. It was created out of the need for students, staff and families to have a non-biased, prejudice free safe space for students to get a quality education – free from homophobia and transphobia. It has evolved into a safe space for any student seeking a quality education, parents seeking a safe space and resources for their students, and an open-minded place for educators to teach and mentor with the passion and drive that brought them into education in the first place. 

Students drive their curriculum with their end game in mind. Students and Staff work together to create “rules” to live by that endorse respect and communication. The course may be multi-age level with students congregating mostly in one classroom for instruction and study time.  Bathrooms are gender neutral; students and staff use the bathroom they feel most comfortable using. 

Student Body Profile Fall 2017: In the 2017-2018 school year, the school had 5 students ranging in age from 9-15. Two students identify as male, three as female. Students identify as Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgender and Straight/Cisgender. One student attended part time taking English and American Sign Language. She got the remainder of her courses from online studies. Three students were registered as Home Schooled Students in the state of Georgia. They attended part time and received instruction in US Government/Civics, American Sign Language, Biology and General Science, English Language Arts, Public Speaking, Technology Proficiency, and General Studies and tutoring. One student attended full time receiving all academic instruction from Pride School. Three students attended Yoga.