Parent Testimonials

Pride School Atlanta has been an amazing experience for my 14-year-old daughter. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the academic instruction she’s getting. Honestly, when we started this term, I was doing it more for the community support and for her to have a place she felt accepted — as long as she didn’t backslide academically, I was going to be happy. But, she is thriving academically and emotionally. The program is individualized for each student — they recognize that everyone is going to come in with strengths and gaps. I truly feel that PSA provides a supportive environment for LGBT students, as well as allies. — Paige Varner

The difference in my son was visible within the first week of attending PSA. This is the first time in years that I have said goodbye to him for the school day without a knot in my stomach and constant worry.

For the last few years, every morning I have watched him begin to assemble his emotional armor as soon as we stepped out the door to head to school. In the beginning of the school year, when we left to head to PSA, I watched him shed that defensive angry armor piece by piece. He feels safe and trusts that he’s allowed to be who he is with the teachers, especially with Lisa and Melanie.

And it’s not just in school. He is more open, trusting, and loving at home as a result of not having to fight emotional battles all day in his previous school.

The academics have included practical applications of what he needs to know later in life as well as being geared specifically towards him and his needs. My only regret is not having found PSA and reached out sooner! — SW

My daughter has been happier since starting Pride School. She is in her second year, and she has made lifelong friends. Her anxiety about school is lessened by being in a supportive community of learners and educators. She feels safe and supported in this environment. — Pride School parent

I love Lisa. My daughter loves Lisa. And my daughter’s a tough cookie. She’s actually expansive. Too big for the world the way it is. Lisa and Christian got that instantly on an intuitive level.

The whole Pride team met her where she was, mentally and emotionally. This cannot be overstated. My daughter was scarred by school. It took no small amount of therapeutic kindness to surmount her post traumatic school disorder.

Lisa and the team brought patience, empathy, experience, understanding, and academics. Her anxiety eased, her learning kicked into high gear. That is why Pride School Atlanta receives my absolute highest recommendation.
— Jason G.