Front Page AJC Jan 2, 2016!

While we hope to open in the Fall of 2016, we can only do it with serious fundraising efforts by everyone involved. Even if every person who follows us on Facebook were to raise $100, we would have $100,000. We'd settle for $50,000! Go to our DONATE page and make your first monthly contribution today!  

Interestingly, it took 18 months for The AJC to pick up our story, but it is a great representation of the school we are forming. What folks should know is that we are an organization as well. We educate, connect, and support. Training and panels that are customized to your audience and purpose will skyrocket your ability to create an LGBTQ-affirming environment. If you or your family needs help dealing with school situations around LGBTQ-oriented and other bullying issues, we can connect you to others who can help you navigate your situation wherever you are. If you need people who understand where you are coming from and have  experience, strength and hope to share with you, you've come to the right place. Welcome to the Pride School Atlanta family!

Volunteers and prospective employees are always welcome to contact us to see how your skills match our needs. Please understand that we are a small school in creation with a small paid staff to hire, but you are more likely to gain paid employment if you show commitment to our mission through participation in our Pride School Atlanta, Inc. events, planning, public outreach and fundraising. 

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