In-Kind Services

Currently, we are seeking marketing professionals who have the time to work with us to create and review printed materials, assist with branding and social media presence, and organic internet presence. We also need assistance in managing our donations, especially donations that can be sold and the money realized to pay our expenses. This may be done through Amazon, eBay, or other sources. Another area is to develop our campaigns to better reach and increase our donor base. You benefit by being listed as one of our sponsors on our website and other media! We love advertising our In-Kind Services Sponsors!           

In our new space, we are going to need Labor to both deconstruct and reconstruct our new space. This may include a licensed electrician that can move electrical outlets to newly constructed walls, and to install new light fixtures and computer stations. We will need new flooring, either tile or ceramic, and material for built-in shelves and storage cabinets. We also need paint and creativity!! Lastly, we will definitely need furniture! Check back for that list as we continue to work on our expansion.