Message from the New Executive Director, Lisa Barber


Pride School Atlanta is now in its second year. We made the amazing discovery this year that our Allies, families and students, love us as much as our Queer family! Right now our student population is 60% Queer identified (Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender), and 40% Straight/Cisgender As the Executive Director, that means to me that we are getting the message out to the community that we are all just people, and we can live, work, and get an education together without the prejudice that does exist out there …elsewhere.

Aside from being an example of how a school CAN operate with no boundaries around gender identification, we are a school of excellence in education. Our staff includes Ph.Ds, published authors, veteran educators and principles, adjunct professors, and our very own School Advocate with extensive experience in counseling in our community. 

We are poised to expand and grow our student body and organization. We created our transcript and portfolio system for our students this summer, are rolling out our graduation requirements, have added kinesthetic movement to our course load via Yoga, and are developing our list of speakers for the community. Look carefully at the credentials of each of our staff members on the About Us page and notice the amazing talent that is part of the Pride School Community. We are extremely blessed to have this gifted group as part of our organization.

As we continue to grow, we are looking at the feasibility of becoming a boarding school, as well as a day school. We have inquiries from all over the country about students who need a school that is open, affirming, and accepting. We have partnered with a professor at Georgia Institute for Technology who has created her course with us in mind. Her students will be designing our upcoming facility, as well as designing our permanent facility with the potential of having a boarding school in addition to the day school. This is a dream come true for us!

While a boarding school may be the answer for some students, families do not always want to be separated. For this reason, we are also creating a working model that can be duplicated in other cities in our nation. We are asked all the time if we could open a Pride School in another place. We hope the answer to that question in the next 1-2 years will be “YES!”. 

While we are not exactly inventing the wheel, we are redesigning it. With feedback from our students and families about what they want, we have created a modified Democratic Free School with multiple enrollment options. Nothing else exists out there quite like us.

I encourage you to browse the updated website for more information about the school and organization. We appreciate you taking the time to be a part of this adventure simply by landing on this page.

Lisa Barber, Executive Director and Board Chair
Pride School Atlanta, Inc.