Continued Message from the   Executive Director, Lisa Barber


We found most of our students were coming from a home school back ground, which lead to our move to become a Home School and Tutoring Resource Center. We want to continue to be a resource for these students and expand our course offerings.

However, we were still not reaching kids at-risk for not graduating or worse yet, at-risk for ending up on the street because of lack of family support or positive role models and adult interactions.

We have the opportunity going into the Fall to reach a broader base of students. These students live either in Foster homes or Group homes in the Foster System in Dekalb and Fulton Counties, Georgia. In addition to being an LGBTQIAA friendly Center, we are expanding our reach to bring on 40-50 tutors and mentors that can work with these students. We don't know if the students identify LGBTQIA, but it won't matter. What we do know is that many kids who do identify get kicked out by their families and end up in Foster care. We also know that by being the positive presence in their lives regardless of how they identify, we can place the seed of hope into every student we meet.

If you see yourself becoming a part of this broader spectrum of outreach, please email me through the contact page below. I am looking for highly qualified LISTENERS and Educators who have time in the evenings and on weekends to tutor and mentor at-risk kids. Join Pride School Atlanta as we expand our reach to make the difference in a kid's life - for the better.

Lisa Barber, Executive Director and Board Chair
Pride School Atlanta, Inc.