Lisa Barber – Executive Director, Educator for Math and Science

As the needs of the school have grown, Lisa set aside real estate and stepped into a new role as Executive Director to continue to lead Pride School Atlanta in the next phase of growth and expansion. She sees the opportunity for Pride School Atlanta to become a model of education excellence for all students, LGBTQ and Allies. She is working to create a template for other Pride Schools to open nationally. Formerly an accredited teacher in the public school system, she also teaches Biology, General Science and Math, and Financial Literacy and Business Skills.


Dr. Dana Bevan – Educator, Science

Dr. Bevan is an educator and expert on transgender science and has researched pertinent literature across some 22 scientific disciplines and over 3,000 scientific articles. Dr. Bevan received her Ph.D. from Princeton University in Physiological Psychology and her B.A. from Dartmouth College. Dr. Bevan has published two books on transgender science. In 2012 she published an autobioscience book entitled The Transsexual Scientist which traces her personal experience as a transgender person from childhood and her search for the cause of transgenderism. In 2014 she published The Psychobiology of Transsexualism and Transgenderism through Praeger which provides a snapshot of the current state of transgender science. Most recently in December 2016, Dana published Being Transgender a book for the public, transgender people and allies. She is a male-to-female transsexual. She teaches Biology and General Science as a volunteer for Pride School Atlanta.


Jeff Graham – Educator, English Language Arts and American Sign Language

Jeff Graham has been in the Atlanta area since 2001. He hails from New York, studied in Boston, studied American Sign Language at Northeastern University and was an ASL interpreter there for 16 years. His is an avid bibliophile and one of his favorite assignments was interpreting Literature classes on the high school and college level. He teaches English as a Second Language in Lawrenceville, as well as ASL at Emory University and UGA Gwinnett. He is also a professional flutist who loves being a part of the Atlanta Freedom Band, the only LGBT wind ensemble in the area. As J. Lee Graham, Jeff has written five novels: four adventure novels for Middle Readers and one coming of age novel for Young Adult. He is currently working on a sixth. He is also a playwright, actor, and professional astrologer. In April, 2017, after 16 years of being together, he and his partner, Ken Hornbeck were married.


Staff Applications

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Pride School Atlanta Team, either as an educator or other position, please complete the contact info. If we have an open position, it will be posted here. If nothing is posted, we will gladly take a look at your resume and see if there is an opportunity in your skill set that we have not previously considered. Please don’t hesitate to send an attached resume for review. 

All staff working in the school are required to complete a full application, submit references, and pass an FBI background check before they are considered for hire. Once an application is submitted and you are considered for a position, we will let you know the process going forward.