Fall Term 2017

English Language Arts – Jeff Graham. Offered Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
An individualized course load that focuses on all areas of the Georgia ELA Standards: vocabulary, grammar, writing, public speaking, working with multimedia, and all genres of literature. We study poetry, short stories, non-fiction entries, biographies, drama, and the novel. Our goal is to form a cross curricula format so that students can synthesize what they learn with the world in which they live. 

American Sign Language – Jeff Graham. Offered Monday, Wednesday, Friday
While the rudiments of ASL are taught: fingerspelling, vocabulary, and grammar, there is much time here for practicing not only expressive skills, but receptive skills as well. Multimedia resources allow students to practice watching videos by native deaf signers which help them build their skills. In ASL 1, we also learn about the use of classifiers, non-manual markers, Deaf History and Deaf Culture.

US Government and Civics Web 60 – Tamar Quincey. Offered Tuesday and Friday, and assigned Web time.
Students study the interesting, dynamic and complex world of U.S. Government and politics, learning the philosophies, functions and structure that characterize this system. The course is a web 60 course, which means that 60% is done online and 40% is in class. This course also involves comparative studies of other world government systems in relation to US Government, as well as contemporary topics and issues in U.S. Government and world politics. Student assignments encourage them to keep up with current political events that relate to class topics. The course is collaborative with Technology and Public Speaking, and therefore uses interactive activities such as social media to allow students to activate not only their creativity and intellect, but also their social and technological abilities.

Technology Proficiency – Laura Trad. Offered Monday, Wednesday
This course provides the foundations for safe and effective technology use for both business and higher education. The course covers various types of social media, research skills and critical thinking as well as hands-on practical experience with the Microsoft office suite.

Oral Presentation/Public Speaking – Laura Trad. Offered Monday, Wednesday
This course was designed to aid students in finding their unique voice as a speaker and advocate. It provides the tools necessary to create and present researched information to an audience. This course is meant to be used cross-curricular, providing support for a variety of topics.

Biology/General Science Elementary – Dana Bevan, Lisa Barber. Offered Tuesday and Thursday with hands on lab on Tuesday
A course focused on hands-on scientific learning activities. The course covers a wide range of activities from using microscopes to hunt for microorganisms and observe small anatomical structures, charting plant growth and behavior, building motors and generators and experiments with safe household chemicals. Emphasis is on scientific method, importance of record-keeping, terminology and creativity.

Financial Literacy – Lisa Barber. Offered Tuesday and Thursday
Students learn the language of finances and money management ranging from every day use of money and budgeting to long term investing and business growth. For students who require a practical application of math skills rather than learning rote facts, this course replaces the mundane and gives them focus for their future. Literally this course is everything you wished you learned about money before you graduated from high school … so these students won’t have to wish the same thing in their future.

Yoga – Frani Green, Shoulders Down. Wednesday 2:30‒3:15 PM
This class is designed to create a safe place for students to come to an understanding about their bodies and how they move in the world.  We stretch, strengthen and move the body in different asanas (poses) and use breathing techniques to deepen each pose.  Breath awareness begins by focusing on the inhale and the exhale, which relaxes the mind and with consistent practice, helps the student feel more centered. 

Please contact the school for specific times for each of the courses.