Our courses are created out of the needs of the students. Because our curriculum is student driven, students tell us what they want to learn. Our educators are subject matter experts that can direct student learning based on their needs, wants and skill levels. 

How this works: Students identify an educator that has the subject matter expertise to direct them in an area that they want to learn (they on purpose because so many of our students are non-binary). Contact us about meeting the Educator to discuss course options or tutoring. Students still fill out our application so that we can get an understanding of their education and family background. Then we set up a meet and greet for one or more educators. If we can pair multiple students at the same time with the same educator, then the course fees are split equally between all students. 

To the left is our course offerings by general subject matter. This is updated continuously as new educators become a part of our Education Center. Start by reviewing the possibilities, then create your perfect term!! Let us know what that looks like to you, and then we can plan together to make it happen!

Independent Study  Students use this time to study either independently or together taking advantage of the opportunity to learn and socialize in a supervised environment. Home school and Online Students looking for an opportunity to join a safe study group are welcome.