Amazon Wish List and Amazon Smile

The holidays may be over, but your shopping is not! You can shop online through Amazon Smile on our behalf ANYTIME! We get a portion of the proceeds from your purchases deposited directly into our bank account! Your gift benefits the receivers TWICE!! How awesome is that!?!

Additionally, as the need arises, we post on our Amazon Wish List various things that we need and that the students may request. If you go through Amazon Smile, and choose Pride School Atlanta, Inc. as the Organization you are supporting, then we benefit doubly!! We are a registered non-profit and get a percentage of your purchase back. Please consider Pride School with all of your purchases online and use this link to benefit the school.

We wish to thank all who have donated over $800 worth of items through our list! Melinda Harrington, Jennifer Lloyd, Stacia Oberweis, Lori Gowen-Morton, Jill Lloyd, and many more!