From the Advocate


Greetings! Welcome to the Advocate page. I am Melanie Wallace, the gender fabulous School/Student Advocate at Pride School Atlanta. When an individual ponders what an Advocate does for an educational setting, a typical image of their school counselor emerges. An Advocate is so much more than that. Advocacy at Pride School involves a team with a student-centered approach to provide a thriving space for them to take an active part of their learning. Through the willingness of the student, family support, the instructors, the administrator and myself, we create a curriculum plan of action. By allowing the student to direct their path, they have the freedom to BE in every way from the moment they step into the classroom to the time they return to their community. 

My support for students and families extends beyond the classroom walls in ensuring there are no barriers to services. An advocate spends a minimum of 30-40 hours of training prior to their initial meeting, and has a yearly minimum of 30 hours, this may increase based on the level of certification/licensure. These requirements are necessary and it promotes the best practices and services for the everchanging dynamics in health/mental health, education, etc.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions, concerns or if additional information is needed. I can be reached in a variety of ways:


Advocate Phone: 678-957-7670

Twitter: @AdvocatePSAedu