Be. Learn. Grow.

Hi, my name is Rowan and my pronouns are she/her. I've been a student at Pride School since the first day. Since then I've made many close friends who I love dearly. At Pride School I'm able to express myself in ways that I wouldn't be able to anywhere else. If I need advice or guidance the staff is always there for me. If I need to leave the room so I can better focus on my work, I'm allowed to. I feel as though I've learned more in a semester at Pride School than I would've anywhere else.


younger here

Hello I am Zachary L. (he/him/his). I am 8 years old and do NOT  like being called Zach so if you ever meet me in person you will know this ahead of time.  Pride School is a good school because you can eat in class,no or little homework,and the teachers are nice. In fact I wrote a letter to President Obama and wait for it…  I GOT A RESPONSE!!!! I am so happy about that because the President,  A) has a crew that looks at the mail and decides to pass it on and B) only 10 in... well a lot is passed on to the President, meaning I won the lotto! (without the millions of cash.) I hope your kids enjoy Pride School! (if you sign your kid up of course.)  I study science the most and I edge in to history and other stuff too,and thank you for reading this.

I still face challenges out there...

My name is Tyler (he/him/his) , new time student at PRIDE School Atlanta, long time supporter. This school has been a big help to me with my social life and mental wellbeing. Before PRIDE I went through a ton of stuff no one should have to go through such as, grief, bullying, and much, much more that has changed me in negative ways, and maybe positive. Even if I STILL go through these problems, I finally have my family to pull me together. When I go out in public, I have the fear I’m gonna see someone i knew from my old school, anxiety attacks, and first, i had no one to go in these situations. At the school i have already made friends, and when i get in those anxious situations in public or in private, i can go to one of them ,and they CARE. They are my brothers and my sisters. My best friends. My safe group. Going to them with my problems is easy because i can trust them and they can trust me, and they know it to. Without PRIDE, neither me or anyone else here would probably feel 100% safe. 100% Comforted. 100% FREE TO BE US. And I love that.


English, Science, American Sign Language & Much More

Hi, my name is Josh and I am in my freshman year at Pride School Atlanta. I have been attending this school since the first day back in august, and come for schooling five days a week. Although my first semester started out slowly, as we were still figuring things out, I have learned so much. I’ve been taking American Sign Language (ASL) classes as my foreign language, and have become quite proficient at signing, this is an experience I don't believe I would have had in normal public schools. Aside from academics I have had a space to express myself freely and make friends in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Since attending Pride School, I have been able to try and figure myself out openly, and through that process become more confident in who I am as a person.

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